How We Ship

All wines for shipment to your desired destination leave our winery and travel to Southern California in one day for shipment packaging in a Styrofoam shipping container to safeguard the bottles. Your wine generally will leave the Southern California shipper the day after arrival and are given to FedEx for outbound delivery. Once picked-up by FedEx, delivery will take 1 to 5 days to most continental US locations not counting weekends and holidays. When deliveries are requested to be made to a residence, make sure someone who is at least 21 years old is available to sign for FedEx.

Weather can be a key factor as we do not ship in extreme hot or cold temperatures because those conditions can and do affect the wines contained in your shipment. This fact is true for all wines made from vintage grapes regardless of region. Also, weather related and road hazardous travel conditions can affect FedEx delivery schedules. If you are concerned about delivery in your area due to extreme conditions or holiday delivery, please check with us via email or call the winery at 707-433-6626.