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I just opened the 2014 Finches Crest Zinfandel and it is an outstanding wine. What a great deal at that price!

Dan F.
San Ramon, CA


Many years ago we came across Teldeschi winery while checking out Dry Creek. Was a small winery, no fancy glitter, statues or marble counters, just a inviting warm feeling upon walking in. I can't remember the fella who greeted us but I swore it was Neil Young. What a nice guy and the wines we tasted were poured out of what looked like little old medicine bottles... what a great idea as it was a perfect pour.

We all chatted like old friends as he made us feel most welcome while we sipped some of the best Petite Sirah and Zinfandel we'd ever had.

Since that day long ago, we've been ordering wines from Teldeschi and now from foryouwines.com

Dan, Gary and the rest of the crew, keep up the good work as your love and passion for what you do shows in every sip.


Robert G.
Batavia, IL


This year we chose to avoid the big wineries as much as possible, and try to find some smaller gems. This was definitely the most friendly, down to earth winery of the weekend.

You do owe it to yourself to check F Teldeschi out. See what it’s really all about. It doesn’t take an art collection, big fountains or the other trappings, it takes someone who knows their grapes, then knows how to make those grapes into juice, then into wine.

Dan’s passion and grasp of how the growing season affected the grapes, how this season was looking so far, years he remembered and how that worked, was fascinating. Not in a preachy, reciting something you read way, but truly this man knows and loves his grapes.

Oh, and the wine! He’s pouring multiple vintages of most, so you can see how different years vary, and he can explain how the growing season affected it too.

The zins are sweet and big, as are the petits, but not the bombs that many find make zins and petit syrah’s “uncultured”, he has much more balanced, gentler wines, definitely worth a taste.

Even tried a “White Zinfandel” and you know, that wine doesn’t HAVE to be the aweful stuff that comes in a caraffe.

In short, if you’re wine tasting to see art museums, English gardens or architecture, maybe avoid this one. If you’re here for the wine and want something real, drop by, it’s just up the drive from the Dry Creek Store, stop in, pick up some cheese or something and drive up the hill, you’ll be glad you did.

Alex W.
Livorna, MI


Out of the 4 wineries we went to, this was the only one I really wanted to support and purchase something from because it is so clearly run with love and wasn’t as sterile as the other wineries.

We ended up getting the 1998 petite sirah, which went very well with our steak dinner at Ad Hoc. The wines we tried were yummy and I’ll be on the lookout for them in the city as they are apparently featured at some local wine bars and restaurants, but the extra star is for personality and for being a winery of the people.

Maria D.
St John, NB Canada


This is by far my husbands and my favorite winery. We’ve been wine club members for years and only wish that we could make it up to the winery more often.

Our favs are the Zinfandel and Terranova. We have NEVER had a bad bottle of wine from F. Teldeschi – very rare!

I highly recommend a stop here and joining the wine club. You will often find Dan Teldeschi pouring in the informal tasting room!

Sam L.
Santa Clara, CA


Yes, dad would be proud of Dan Teldeschi. He carries on the tradition of excellent wines in Dry Creek Valley. Go for the Zinfandel. Wonderful to the palate. Don’t be shocked if he is pouring 5-7 year old zins. He believes in letting them set a while.

Pleasant, but not fancy, tasting room. Dan and his staff are very knowledgeable.

Jon G.
Los Gatos, CA


Tiny building with beautiful scenery, Dan Teldeschi let us venture into the back room to see all the Oak barrels with the sweet alcoholic juices we were imbibing.

There’s something to be said about a winery just being a place for wine. After all the faux-countryside homes and “hip” geodesic domes of other wineries, it was nice to be in a small family-owned and very non-pretentious winery.

Herra Chink y
San Francisco, CA


There are damn few wineries anymore where you can have your tastes poured by the vintner, and will often be the only customers in the place. And Teldeschi is one of them. Listen: as much as I would love to keep this place a secret, it’s just too damn good.

You HAVE to go there. The wines are good, a few of them are great. The prices are VERY reasonable. But the main reason to go is to experience the way wine country was….20 years ago. An intimate, unpretentious, unhurried affair where wine was poured by people who weren’t just knowledgeable about it, they were involved in creating it.

Ben P
San Francisco, CA


I’ve been visiting Dan for the last couple of years, and have enjoyed his inky, robust Zins. The picnic tables out front have “the second-best view in all of Dry Creek”, according to Dan.

There’s something so fleeting about wine in general, yet so lingering about the experience of it: While I’m tasting it, nothing else in the world matters but where I am, who I’m with, and my sensory experiences as I picnic atop a ridge, cantaloupe, dry gouda, and prosciutto in hand, with one of Dan’s stories hanging softly in my memory, and the second-best view in all of Dry Creek Valley.

Molly M.
Oakland, CA


The Teldeschi wine tasting room is a cross between a shack and garage. There is no sprawling estate, no modern art in the parking lot and no rose garden to walk through – like you may find at other wineries. This year we chose to avoid the big wineries as much as possible, and try to find some smaller gems. What you will find are people that love to make, talk about and enjoy their wines. And some of the wines are amazing.

Russ C
San Francisco, CA


I found out about Dan’s wines back in the 80’s, at the Dry Creek Store, down the driveway from him. There was no cute winery at the time, but great, beefy, extracted Zins that age well.

Heinz S
Coronado, CA

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